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The West Virginia Consumer Protection Alliance is a public education and grassroots advocacy organization committed to protecting you, your family and your access to our civil justice system.  Our civil courts not only guard your personal and financial safety, but also your constitutional rights.  Special interests should not be allowed to put a price on life or remove our rights to a jury trial.

The constitutional right to trial by jury in civil cases protects all of your rights, liberties and freedoms.  It is one of the most fundamental rights we have as Americans.  In our civil courts you are equal to the most powerful and wealthy corporations and people and even the government itself.  This right is under attack.

"Mountaineers Are Always Free."  We want to keep it that way.  Your constitutional 7th Amendment right to trial by jury in civil cases guarantees all the other rights, liberties and freedoms we enjoy as Americans.  Join our Mountaineers for Liberty and Justice action network and help protect this fundamental right. 

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