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Who We Are

The West Virginia Consumer Protection Alliance is a group of West Virginians committed to protecting you, your family and your 7th Amendment right to jury trial.  Our civil courts guard your personal and financial safety and your constitutional rights.


Billion-dollar special interests want to take away your 7th Amendment rights, put a government-mandated price on human life, and rig our civil justice system against you.  Why?  To increase their corporate profits at the expense of your rights and liberties.  That's wrong!  


The West Virginia Consumer Protection Alliance fights to protect your rights.  We will speak up for you and all West Virginians when your constitutional rights are threatened by powerful lobbying efforts and "government" as usual in West Virginia.

Advisory Committee

Scott Windom, Co-Chair
Harrisville, West Virginia

Anthony Majestro, Co-Chair
Charleston, West Virginia 

Richard Holtzapfel
Hurricane, West Virginia


Erika Kolenich
Buckhannon, West Virginia


Bernie Layne
Charleston, West Virginia


Andrew Skinner
Charles Town, West Virginia


Ronald Walters Jr.
Charleston, West Virginia


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